Access Panel D101


D101 access door is designed with a beaded frame to be taped and skimmed on site to fit  into any type of  plasterboard ceiling system allowing easy access above.
A beaded frome surround is provided, which enables the panel to be inseted directly into the clear structural opening, and screw-fixed into position through the side of the panel frome.

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Frame: Fabricated from extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T6.
Combined with concealed beaded frame for use in ceiling with skimmed finish
Door. 15:20mm wooden recessed door with aluminum foil on the back side
Hing. Concealed, tow-point pin hinge, non-corroding.
Allows door to open 90 degrees
Concealed touch latch.
Furnish number of latches required to hold door in flush smooth pane when closed (Only in the small size)
Key operated cylinder lock with easy way to lock, this only big size
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30 x 30 cm

100 x 200 cm
Frame fabricated from extrusion aluminum and door leaf is from treatment MDF.

Other width are available upon request.

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