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Heavy Duty Industrial Metal Modular Drawer Cabinet Drawers
Heavy Duty Industrial Metal Modular Drawer Cabinet Drawers

Drawer Storage

The Drawers Storage system which units all benefits of drawer cabinets and shelves drawers pull out shelves all can be combined in dtawer storage system they accommodate different quantities size and type of products.
Work Benches
Work Benches

Work Benches

A workbench is made up of a work surface and various assembled parts. Work table or workshop table are other names given to this concept, which is an important part of a workshop. In addition to sufficient storage space for tools and small parts, the workbenches offer a workplace for varied and complex tasks. Therefore, the workbench is an essential work tool for any industry. Workbenches from are made up of individual elements and can be flexibly adapted to your work environment or workshop. You will receive your workbench with different substructures and workbench tops; as hexagonal workbench, compact.

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