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Isolator Hanger GS200

Acoustic vibration absorbing ceiling and wall hangers; Vibration Suspension Chock Isolator Hanger GS200 ( Vibration Hangers ) suspended ceiling omega wall damper fasteners.


Adjustable spring clips are attached together  with hanging rod 3.7mm ∅ for an easy fixing suspended. Fabricated from spring steel. Black phosphate by thick 0.5mm. Comply with ASTM C28, ASTM C28m & ASTM C475

Connection Bracket

Hot dipped galvanized steel furring channel for plasterboard fixing in the dry liner systems

Corner Bead

Hot dip galvanized steel profile attached to  drywall exernal corner with nails or screws. Finished joint compound and feathered at the edges. Thickness 0.4 mm , Length 3 ML. Comply with ASTM C1047.

Drop In Anchor

Used for fixing threaded rod to concert slap, Fabricated from Galvanized steel plated,Thickness 6mm Up to 10mm. Comply with ASTM A641

Hold Down Clip

Prevent the tiles from moving and serves as lock together with edge trim. Fabricated from spring steel black phosphate in thickness of 0.3mm. Comply with ASRM A 641


Hot dip galvanized steel profile attached to exposed drywall edge. Finished with standard joint compound and feathered at the edges thickness 0.4 mm Length 3 ML. Comply with ASTM C1047

ٍsecondary carrier spring V

It’s main role is to clamp the edge of the ceiling panels tightly at a defined ceiling module interval.

Threaded Rod

Threaded Rod for hanging the structure to the concert slap, Fabricated from galvanized steel plated, corrosion resistance. Thickness 6mm up to 100mm, Comply with ASTM A641.

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