Main Tee For Ultra Line System (UL15)


Galvanized steel painted or per-painted polyester coating Main Tee same color finishing as the Tiles

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Material is processed by pre hot-dip galvanized steel. 
Easy installation and low cost
Suitable for many types of tiles (PVC, GB, Mineral Fiber, Metal... etc) Easy access to services areas
Fabricated from corrosion resistant materials, (salt spray test 96 hours) Corrdinated with all other services
Fire resistant according to BS 476 part 7 & 23 Comply with ASTM C635
Easy maintenance, surface does not allow neither Bactria or fungi to grow Comply with ASTM E580
Light type 17Kg/m2 Heavy type 29Kg/m2
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Reference Dimensions Length Material Thick. Req./m²

  H        W
  41       15
3600 GS Pre Painted 0.4 0.22

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