Mobile Yard Ramp GM10000


Loading and unloading lorries and containers under high time pressure is the day-today business of modern logistics.
For decades GM Mobile Loading Ramps have safely and conveniently completed this task.

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Loading and unloading all types of trucks and containers. Its moved using a clark to align and connect to the truck
Designed with an end joint that is 30cm wide to connect to the truck Dimension : 12 meter long, 2.25 meters wide and a 13 degree slope angle
Easy Movement of the clark  up and down It comes with 2 front jacks to adjust the level according to the truck height
2 Middle jacks adjust the level according to the nature of the terrain Made of patterned steel and supports for better traction
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Capacity 10000 Kg
Long 12 Meter
Wide 2.25 Meter 
Slop Angle 13 Degree
Front Jacks  2
Middle Jacks 2

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