Drive-In Radio Shuttle System


The Radio Shuttle system will save you both time and save shelves along the installation and facilitating the evacution of products with automatic carrier high density storage system.
In addition the operator can use a few into remote control for radio control movements shuttle is able to stock a pallet in the last available position of rack. 
Can handle different sizes with travel speed up to 1m/min and loads up to 1.500 Kg.
Can be handled manually using a conventional forklift.
Installation is a matter of a few minutes.
Has its control unit and electrical supply system.

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Customized rack design to meet your specific needs Many accessories available for choosing
Special design, robust and durable Easy to assemble with only a few components (plug-in system)
High load capacity Allow either single or deep storage
Allow narrow-aisle or wide-aisle storage Frame surfaces can be painted with various colors
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Type Radio Shuttle
Material Cold rolling steel
Use Warehouse Rack
Depth Customized
color RAL System
Certification ISO
Width Customized
Height Customized

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