Light Shelving


Light Shelving is also known as Heavy duty shelving, storage, Garage shelving, Warehouse Shelving, Metal Shelving and many other variations.
Light Shelving or Long-span by definition means spanning a great distance. In the storage industry it refers to shelving units that span a great length or have the capacity to be extended to great lengths.
They are generally made of steel, are strong and can hold heavy weight loads.
Longspan shelving is extremely versatile and for this reason they are used for both domestic and commercial purposes.
A six meter shelving unit in someone’s garage could just as easily be used in a storage warehouse.

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Customized rack design to meet your specific needs Many accessories available for choosing
Special design, robust and durable Easy to assemble with only a few components (plug-in system)
High load capacity Allow either single or deep storage
Allow narrow-aisle or wide-aisle storage Frame surfaces can be painted with various colors
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Type Long-Span
Material Cold rolling steel
Use Workshops, factories and markets...,etc.
Depth Customized
color RAL System
Certification ISO
Width Customized
Height Customized

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