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Electric Scissor Lift

self-propelled hydraulic drive scissor lift is widely used in the aerial work platform industry. Self-propelled scissor lifts usually used in factory operations, high-altitude installations, aviation industry and high-altitude cleaning and maintenance work. The biggest advantage of the self-propelled scissor lift compared to the manual mobile scissor lift is that people or workers can stand on the top platform to control the movement of the scissor lift, which is more convenient.

Fixed Electric Scissor Lift

These heavy duty scissor lift elevator  are ideal for cargo handling and lifting heavy industrial loads. Built in hydraulic overload relief protects personal and structure. Heavy-Plate platforms with structural reinforcements minimize deflection while the wide base provides increased rigidity and stability.

Hydraulic Electric Goods Lift

Specialized to work in all factories that deal with high floors up to 10 meters and loads up to 3 tons. It does not occupy a space or a yard or any additional civil works. - This goods lifts is typically used to transport goods or pallets between floors of buildings. - It can easily be used indoors or outdoors in buildings, warehouses, or wherever you need it. - It provides efficient, convenient, and safe access to mezzanines, basements, or any level of a multi-storied building. -protection, sensitive overload protection devices and locking device for falling protect.

Personal Man Lifter

Standard Single Mast Aluminum Lift is famous for its light weight and high lift. It is made of aluminum alloy. It is self propelled with electric driving motor. Operator can drive it around flexibly when stand on the paltform. Non-trace universal polyurethane wheels used will be no damage to ground. DC battery power make the low noise when using. Dual Mast Aluminum Lift Platform is developed from Single Mast Aluminum Lift Platform. Compared with single mast aluminum lift platform, dual mast lift platform load capacity is 200kg, lifting height from 7.5m to 9m It is widely used in supermarket, factory, hotel, restaurant, station, theatre, exhibition hall, indoors and outdoors maintenance.

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