DryWall Partitions Systems

Drywall Partitions Systems

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Drywall Cladding system WL201

Our lightweight wall liner system has been designed as an easy-to-use, economicalmethod for lining internal walls. With a widerange of applications including residential,commercial and industrial the system is idealto dry line, block and masonry walls and forconcealing services.All wall liner profiles are manufactured as a design toASTM C645, BS 7364-1990 from pre galvanized materialComply with ASTM A653, ASTM A1003 Key benefits:-
  • Insulation for improved sound andthermal properties is easy to install.
  • A range of cavity depths can be createdfrom 25 - 600mm using a variety offixing methods (TYPE WL201&TYPE WL202).
  • Our system is suitable for any type ofproprietary plasterboard.
  • Background must be treated for dampand be of sufficient density to enablemechanical fixings to be achieved.
  • All our sections can be easily cutto required length using appropriatecutting tools.
  • Easy to decorate flat surface
  • Easy to decorate flat surface and the highest levels of insulation
  • Cavity frame design Achieves higher technical performances
  • Reliable and commonly use No thermal bridging created
  • Can adjust depth for high level of substrate correction
  • Upgrade existing structures
  1. Plasterboard finish
  2. Completely variable cavity depth
  3. mechanical board fixing Fix all Boards
  4. Dry lines any substrate
  5. Creates false wall

Drywall Cladding system WL202

WL 202 system is used for lining walls when the cavity space or substrate is more than 70mm. The system consists of metal frame (STK 50,70,90 and 100) that made of galvanized steel. The assembling of the system is the same as WP 101, horizontal profile (TK) track, and vertical profile (ST) stud that is inserted in the track then the gypsum boards are attached on the visible side, after the space have been filled with the proper insulation. (The System comply with ASTM C645).

Drywall Partition system WP101

Golden Metal Stud Partitioning is an economical, friction-fit system for assembling internal partitions. The unique design of the components ensures high strength, easy installation and a higher performing Alternative to traditional timber frame partitions. Golden Metal STK Partitions are constructed using a frame of TK Track at the head and base with ST Studs for vertical framing elements. A range of ST Stud and TK Track widths allow varying partition depth, enhancing fire resistance, sound insulation and maximum heights., (The System Comply With ASTM C645)  

Drywall Partition system WP102

WP102 Staggered Stud Partition Systems are non-load bearing partitions which have been designed to provide improved acoustic performance when compared with equivalent widths of single stud partitions.an average of 1~2dB improvement is Gained by using the staggered stud design.WP102 Staggered Stud Partition Systems are constructed by installing TK-Tracks which are slightly wider than the ST-Studs, this allows ST-Studs to be staggered creating a frame separation within the partition. Once frame is erected, plasterboard is then faced into each staggered frame. Due to the staggered stud frame design creating a separation within the partition .WP102 Staggered Stud Partition Systems are suitable for areas with a height limit of 4m

Drywall Partition system WP103

The WP103 system is a dual layer ST Stud Partition used where the highest fire and acoustic performance is required. Or the height of partition is excess of10m WP103 Twin Frame Partitions are constructed using two separate metal stud frames set a minimum of 20mm apart and braced together from two metal frames In parallel with Track Brace and boarded on the external sides only. Varying cavity size options help optimize acoustic insulation and provide a service cavity. The WP103 Twin Frame system is a lightweight, flexible option compared to traditional masonry separating walls. The highest performing WP103 Twin Frame partitions are commonly Used in cinemas, theaters and schools

Drywall Partition system WP104

Walls which enclose lift shafts, stairwells and other vertical shafts are the most important walls in a building from a life-safety standpoint. Should fire occur, firemen use the lifts to reach the fire the stairwells provide the only means for human egress within the building. Since these walls contain the life-lines of the building, they must be structurally strong to withstand lateral loads and provide needed fire protection. Golden Metal have been designed a comprised system of CH-Stud and J Track components, Resulting in easier installation. Features include: 1-Easy Installation Because the shaft wall assemblies are built from one side only, there’s no need to access the inside of the shaft. The strong-H members go up quickly. Most configurations require only two steel components and two types of gypsum board. That makes the systems ideal for furred chases and interior partitions where fire ratings are required for exterior walls and access is restricted. Engineered for durability, the systems withstand the air-pressure surges of high-speed elevators as well as the lateral impact of stairway doors. One-sided installation design 2- Fire rated 3- Full range of sizes: 70mm, 100mm, 125mm

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