Drywall Cladding system WL201


Our lightweight wall liner system has been designed as an easy-to-use, economicalmethod for lining internal walls. With a widerange of applications including residential,commercial and industrial the system is idealto dry line, block and masonry walls and forconcealing services.All wall liner profiles are manufactured as a design toASTM C645, BS 7364-1990 from pre galvanized materialComply with ASTM A653, ASTM A1003

Key benefits:-

  • Insulation for improved sound andthermal properties is easy to install.
  • A range of cavity depths can be createdfrom 25 – 600mm using a variety offixing methods (TYPE WL201&TYPE WL202).
  • Our system is suitable for any type ofproprietary plasterboard.
  • Background must be treated for dampand be of sufficient density to enablemechanical fixings to be achieved.
  • All our sections can be easily cutto required length using appropriatecutting tools.
  • Easy to decorate flat surface
  • Easy to decorate flat surface and the highest levels of insulation
  • Cavity frame design Achieves higher technical performances
  • Reliable and commonly use No thermal bridging created
  • Can adjust depth for high level of substrate correction
  • Upgrade existing structures


  1. Plasterboard finish
  2. Completely variable cavity depth
  3. mechanical board fixing Fix all Boards
  4. Dry lines any substrate
  5. Creates false wall
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