Drywall Partition system WP104


Walls which enclose lift shafts, stairwells and other vertical shafts are the most important walls

in a building from a life-safety standpoint. Should fire occur, firemen use the lifts to reach the fire the stairwells provide the only means for human egress within the building. Since these walls contain the life-lines of the building, they must be structurally strong to withstand lateral loads and provide needed fire protection.

Golden Metal have been designed a comprised system of CH-Stud and J Track components,

Resulting in easier installation.

Features include:

1-Easy Installation

Because the shaft wall assemblies are built from one side only, there’s no need to access the inside of the shaft. The strong-H members go up quickly. Most configurations require only two steel components and two types of gypsum board. That makes the systems ideal for furred chases and interior partitions where fire ratings are required for exterior walls and access is restricted. Engineered for durability, the systems withstand the air-pressure surges of high-speed elevators as well as the lateral impact of stairway doors. One-sided installation design

2- Fire rated

3- Full range of sizes: 70mm, 100mm, 125mm

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