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Isolator Hanger GS200

Acoustic vibration absorbing ceiling and wall hangers; Vibration Suspension Chock Isolator Hanger GS200 ( Vibration Hangers ) suspended ceiling omega wall damper fasteners.
Access Panel D101

Access Panel D101

D101 access door is designed with a beaded frame to be taped and skimmed on site to fit  into any type of  plasterboard ceiling system allowing easy access above. A beaded frome surround is provided, which enables the panel to be inseted directly into the clear structural opening, and screw-fixed into position through the side of the panel frome.
Access Panel

Access Panel D102

Access Doors built into drywall to allow people to reach areas that need occasional attention. For example, some plumbing fixture are prone to failure, so rather than ripping out the entire wall or ceiling to reach these fixtures, many people just build access doors so they can quickly open it to handle the problem. Larger access doors, such as those that lead to attics or crawl spaces, allow people to move items in and out that are of long term storage. Keep in mind that you should determine the size of the opening area based on how you plan to use it.

Baffle Shape Strips

Golden Metal offers wide range of metal suspended ceiling Strips for commercial, institutional, industrial or residential space. Golden Metal give you an economical solution that combines aesthetics with durability and safety. Golden Metal ceiling system provides the hidden strength of metal with an elegant appearance allowing a variety of innovative interior and exterior visual effects. Golden Metal ceilings offers a number of different choices in ceiling types, material, sizes, suspension System, face pattern and performance levels, That can fit perfectly in any room configuration as required_ Ceilings with exposed and concealed suspension system allow for simple, rapid, fast installation and can be integrated with other services with easy access for maintenance. Golden Metal ceiling systems are durable, humidity resistant, long lasting and easily maintained compared to other suspended ceilings.The products are finished with electrostatic powder coating OR polyester powder coating for external usage, which is factory applied to Galvanized steel or aluminum and Stainless steel. A variety of perforation patterns are available to achieve the acoustic level you need_ We are committed to our core belief of quality and service


Adjustable spring clips are attached together  with hanging rod 3.7mm ∅ for an easy fixing suspended. Fabricated from spring steel. Black phosphate by thick 0.5mm. Comply with ASTM C28, ASTM C28m & ASTM C475

C Shape Strip

The C Shape Series Linear Metal Strips Ceiling System is most widely used in interior areas, where ceilings are required at an economical price. This system accentuates the two-dimensional appearance of linear space. It creates a clean-lined ceiling with great looks and a hidden strength of metal.C Shape series is an ideal ceiling solution for corridors, Bathrooms& kitchens. The Strip Panels are lay on the perimeter angle form a closed joint (without groove) The panels are automatically level itself by laying on angle. The panels are either plain or perforated and are finished post fabrication with polyester powder coating to standard white or other RAL colors on request. The system allows accessibility into the plenum space at any point by removing strip panels. Modular light fitting and ventilation grills can be integrated into the ceiling system.  
Cantilever System
Cantilever System

Cantilever System

The Cantilever Racking represents the ideal solution for the storage of rods, section bars, pipes, sheet metal, bulky and and voluminous loads such as timber, panels and boards. The system is highly versatile, offering the possibility to place the loads on either one or both sides. A wide range of columns and arms means customers can find the best response to their specific requirements in terms of capacity and size.
Compact Archive
Compact Archive

Compact Archive

Mobile Shelving system consist of standard shelving units mounted on steel rails, that allows the shelf units to move back and frount. It is equipped with steering wheel or a manual handle in the front of unit. Optimal tidiness and distribution in archive and warehouse. Optimal use of space. Can be adapted to any available space. Total safety of stored materials from dust. Easy to assemple. Optimal use for hospitals & Banks. 

Connection Bracket

Hot dipped galvanized steel furring channel for plasterboard fixing in the dry liner systems

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